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Simple ribbed hat

From the moment I touched Mirasol Sulka I knew I was in love. The merino/silk/alpaca blend (60/20/20) felt like clouds made of kittens (or kittens made of clouds) under my fingers.  Boyfriend’s mum had bought this yarn for herself. I’m not sure why she gave it to me, either she hates kitten-clouds (less likely) or she wanted to do something nice for me (more likely).  After much thought, I realized that a simple ribbed hat was in this yarn’s future.

A long time ago I knit the Burberry-Inspired Cowl in 3 skeins of the brown colour -in too tight of a gauge and with all the stitches twisted. I don’t care that it looks less than perfect. It’s remarkably warm and very soft (remember the kitten-clouds).  I knew I wanted to play with the rest of the yarn, and I had to wait for inspiration to strike.

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Fashionably late – Antrorse Sweater #sskal2014

As usual, I’m late.  I’m pretty much late for everything.  I’m late for meetings, I’m late for work, I’m late for wishing happy birthday to friends… and I’m late for #sskal2014 (that started in August and apparently finishes next week).

At the very least, I’ve started, which is also an accomplishment in itself.  Sometimes I get grand ideas for projects and never even bother starting them.

I decided on making the Antrorse sweater from Journey – my 4th project from this book (side note: Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond are amazing!  Love their work).  I’ve known a couple of people who have made this, and it’s the project that caused me to buy the book in the first place.

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Climb Socks – finished!

Guess what? I just finished my first pair of socks! I can’t believe it.  Journey by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook is such a beautiful book and I honestly see myself making all 6 patterns. The pattern was well-written and super simple, so if you’ve never made socks before but can follow a pattern reasonably well, I definitely recommend giving these a try.

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Guide: Okanagan Vacations Part II – Travel and Accommodations

Last week, I posted about Okanagan wineries. It’s great to know what to do once you’re there, but how are you going to get to your Okanagan vacation? Where are you going to stay? how are you going to get around? Luckily, you’ve got me to answer some of these questions for you! I’m by no means an expert — prior to this summer, I’d only been to the Okanagan once (Kamloops, for work), so I hadn’t had a chance to have fun there or take in the beauty.  Hopefully the information I provide here can give you some tips for planning your upcoming Okanagan vacation.

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Quick Guide: Okanagan Wineries

If you only have a few days to get away this summer, check out the Okanagan. Almost everyone I know has been there at least once, but not everyone has seen (and tasted) the amazing wineries the region has to offer.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but these are the Okanagan wineries we managed to visit on our five day trip. Today, I’ll cover the wineries themselves, and next week I’ll talk about how to get there, where to stay, what to eat, and other things to do!

On our trip, we ended up bringing back a grand total of 27 bottles of wine, with 12 whites, 13 reds, 1 rosé and 1 dessert wine) (spending $692, with the cheapest clocking in at $17 and the most expensive at $50). We’ve had to get creative with wine storage —  we currently have a box in our shoe closet and the whites have taken over the fridge.

Almost all of these Okanagan wineries were recommended by friends or colleagues whose taste in wine I trust.  Wineries with an asterisk mark my top 5.  That’s not saying the others weren’t good, but when I factor in service, uniqueness, variety, price and taste, the ones with the stars are the winners.  I’ve also listed the wines we ended up buying, along with their prices and brief tasting notes and/or ideas for meal pairings.  Our criteria for buying the wines was to get whichever ones we liked best, but it usually ended up being 2 bottles per vineyard.

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Pancakes for Two from Scratch

The almost unanimous response to “Would you like some pancakes?” is “why do you even ask that question?” or sometimes, “was that rhetorical?” Everyone likes pancakes. If you can make pancakes from scratch, people start finding excuses to crash on your couch, or they drop by early in the morning in hopes of intruding on your breakfast.  Unfortunately some pancake recipes can be difficult to scale — how do you deal with half an egg?  But if you find a great recipe for pancakes for two from scratch (e.g. this one), it’s really easy to scale up (and this recipe is great doubled).

There are so many great excuses around this time of year to make brunch — Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, my birthday… This recipe is great to get kids started in the kitchen if you have one (kid, not kitchen, although you do need a kitchen, or at least a hotplate).  My dad had me standing on a chair helping make pancakes (or “helping”? I’m not really sure) by the time I was 4. Measurements are easy. If you can make pancakes from a mix, these won’t be difficult at all.  The real challenge comes in actually cooking them perfectly, not mixing the ingredients.

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Healthy (Vegan-friendly!) Homemade Hummus

Homemade hummus is one of the easiest snacks to make. I love bringing it as an easy potluck contribution. It only costs a few bucks, it can serve 8-10 (or more!) as an appetizer, and it’s always a hit!

It’s pretty easy to keep the ingredients on-hand. The only real perishable is the lemon, but living with a Cocktail King means that fresh citrus is always available in my house.  Tahini can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look — check the ethnic section (with the Middle Eastern foods), the peanut butter aisle (usually found near the almond or other nut butters), or in the organic section (apparently hippies like the stuff).

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Knit Picks Mittens take 2: Not-so-tiny mitten

Thanks to all of the advice I got when I made my tiny mitten, I managed to make a bigger version that fits my adult-sized (but still small) hands!  I’m using the Woodland Winter Mittens kit from Knitpicks (using the Palette yarn that came with the kit when I bought it about 3 years ago).


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Quick knit cowl

I’ve never knit anything so incredibly quick in my life.  Generally I take on ambitious projects like sweaters or lacy shawls or fingering scarves and colourwork mittens. After a couple of years of  these kinds of projects, I figured it was time for something really quick and really easy. Enter the Drop Stitch Cowl. Someone in my knitting group (not even sure who) left a remnant behind of some Quince & Co Puffin in a nice chocolate brown. One quick pattern search later on Ravelry and I had my patten. I glanced at it and quickly memorized it (incorrectly).

 quick knit cowl

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Star-crossed Hat!

Like everyone else 3 years ago, I have recently (i.e. not 3 years ago) knitted myself a Star Crossed Slouchy Beret.  It was probably the fastest thing I ever knit, but I didn’t have much else to do over the Christmas break except watch Pawn Stars with my dad and play with the new kitten.

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